These Popular Vehicle Models are Getting the Axe in 2023

It has to happen — vehicles get discontinued or put on the chopping block after some time for various reasons. Lack of sales, or the company’s time to move onto a newer model can all lead to the inevitable end of a vehicle model, and for 2023 these are the cars that will be discontinued in the coming year from some major manufacturers, according to USA Today.

Bye Bye Volkswagen Passat

A green 2022 Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition cruising down the coastline
2022 Volkswagen Passat Limited Edition | Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Passat has been a more entry-level favorite among VW enthusiasts for years, and there are many that I’m sure are sad to see it go. The 2022 model was made in a lower, limited production run as the company prepared to phase the vehicle out of production completely in 2023 nearly 30 years after it made its official debut onto the market.

Say Goodbye to the Toyota Avalon

A silver 2022 Toyota Avalon Touring with motion blur of a city highway in the background
2022 Toyota Avalon Touring | Toyota

Although it is less popular than many other models, the Toyota Avalon has been one of the brand’s longer running models. Rather than seeing the end of the tunnel, the Avalon’s making way for an all-new model in it’s place — the Toyota Crown. Not quite an SUV, not quite a sedan, the Toyota Crown will certainly fill the hole left by the full-sized Toyota Avalon, although we are still sad to see it go.

Adios Lexus RX L

2022 Lexus RX L | Lexus

While many brands seem to be cutting out the additional sedans in their lineup, Lexus has decided to end production of the RX L. This particular trim level is the extended version of the popular RX SUV that offers additional space, and it’s worth noting that the RX itself is staying put on the production schedule for the foreseeable future.

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent
2022 Hyundai Accent | Hyundai

To make way for a more entry-level friendly SUV lineup the Hyundai Accent didn’t quite make it through the cut. There will be no sedan replacement for the Accent but we are still sad to see it go. Along with that, the Accent has been the manufacturer’s lowest priced car, leaving the Venue, a subcompact SUV, as the new “entry level” model at a starting price of $19,500.

Over the past several years many manufacturers have leaned into the shift in market towards SUVs, slowly removing or replacing their mid-sized or full-sized sedans along the way. While this isn’t necessarily the case for every single vehicle on this list, there is no denying the trend of manufacturers slowly removing sedans from their lineup and the increasing marketability of SUVs in the US market.

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