McLaren P1 | Savahna Schmauderer

Supercar Saturday — June 2022

Despite the heat of the intense Florida sun, June 2022 gave us yet again, another insane Supercar Saturday here in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Koenigsegg CCX — 1K Motorsports

1K Motorsports’s Koenigsegg CCX | Savahna Schmauderer

1K Motorsports once again blessed us with their presence and their Koenigsegg CCX — with the custom Hermes interior, may I add. If you aren’t a fan of Koenigsegg at the present but appreciate cutting-edge engineering, I would highly suggest you begin your deep dive into learning everything you can about the cars produced by this company. 

The CCX, far from the most modern adaptations of hypercar from the brand, was produced from 2006 to 2010 and looks as good as brand new to anyone who wouldn’t know any better. Here are some of its impressive specs…

The 4.7-liter twin-supercharged V8 — yes you read that right — developed and produced by Koenigsegg, has an impressive power output of 806 hp from the factory — which, for cars of that generation, was nothing less than impressive, and still incredibly fast by today’s standards. A true driver’s car, this CCX owned by 1K Speed was, of course, the 6-speed manual transmission. 

McLaren P1 — Exotic Car Hacks

McLaren P1 | Savahna Schmauderer

The rare Koenigsegg paired perfectly with the hypercar taking the spotlight caddy corner — the McLaren P1. The P1 is one of McLaren’s most intense hypercars on the market, and this one is owned by Pejman Ghadimi of Exotic Car Hacks. The only thing better than seeing a McLaren P1 is meeting an owner who is so kind and down to Earth he even allowed me the opportunity to carefully climb inside. The striking contrast of matte-finished carbon against the glossy carbon created a harmonic balance of bold and muted in a way that McLaren has mastered again and again.

How Cars Speak — Special Guest Appearance

While the average person may not realize how large the woman-driven automotive industry, I was honored to meet the author of what could be perhaps the best children’s book for the young auto enthusiasts, Rachael Alfonso. Her book, What Cars Say, features all things exotic and comes with a soundboard featuring the actual audio of each vehicle revving, giving it an extra special touch even parents will enjoy. 

Rachael herself has a deep-rooted passion for all things automotive and has a well-rounded background in the field. Her author bio reads: 

“I decided I wanted to bring a book into this world that would change the way kids learn about cars forever. I wrote What cars say with both children and parents in mind, that way it could teach kids and remind adults about the most exciting era in automotive history”

If you’re sick of listening to Cocomelon, you can purchase this incredible, high-quality children’s book online right through Rachael’s website here: What Cars Say.

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