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Member Highlight — Stephanie Prewett

I originally found Stephanie through her account on TikTok and immediately fell in love. Her expertise in classic cars is outshined only by her warm and welcoming nature of making others feel comfortable in the car community.

About Stephanie

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have an unhealthy addiction to energy drinks and Sour Patch Kids (especially the Watermelon). I am 100% a night owl and don’t understand how people can be productive before noon. I’m an equal opportunity car enthusiast, I love all cars and respect the effort and knowledge it takes to build/customize them. I’m a firm believer in sharing knowledge and helping people learn and grow, no gatekeeping here!

What got you into cars?

I can remember being very young, probably 5 or 6, and sitting on my dad’s lap and he would let me steer his 1955 Chevy Bel-Air. That is probably when my love of classic cars started. The first car I truly fell in love with was the Plymouth Barracuda. There was one that was always parked at this gas station by my house and I asked my mom what it was and she told me, it was over from there, I had to have one. I learned everything I could about them, including that they were far out of my price range.

Fast forward a few years and I was at the mall with my husband, at the time we had just started dating, and on the food court sign was this 50’s car with these MASSIVE fins, I stared at it every time and I needed to know what kind of car this was! So I asked him, he said it was probably a 1957 Dodge Coronet, well since I had a name for it finally, I dove into learning more about them.

As much as I loved classics of all kinds, I still had a passion for the tuner cars. My first car was a 1993 Honda Civic EX which I loved but sadly wrecked. Little did I know the next car I got would spark a love that runs deeply in my veins to this day.

It was 2003 and Volkswagen had just launched the 20th Anniversary of the GTI. My dad bought it for me and I drove it off the showroom floor, #0459, and the first one in Oklahoma. Sadly I only had it for 3 months because sometimes people make promises they don’t keep. I loved this car though, I named her Thunderbunny as an homage to the original Rabbit that started it all back in the ’80s. It was one of the saddest days when that tow truck drove away with her.

Over the years I have had many cars, including 2 more 20th Anniversary GTI’s, #2412, and my current one #1818, which I refuse to part with. I did end up getting the coveted 1957 Dodge Coronet that I wanted so badly. She is currently awaiting a full restoration but her day will come.

Now, years later, my husband and I own and operate a classic car restoration shop where we make our clients dreams a reality. No car is too old, too rusty, or too big of a project.

Some may say that the automotive community can be toxic, but I’ve met the most amazing people, had experiences I once only dreamed of, and been able to work on cars I never thought I would.

Current cars and plans for the future

I currently have a 2003 20th Anniversary Volkswagen GTI. Mods include:

  • Garrett GT2871r Turbo
  • FK Coilovers
  • Forge Diverter Valve
  • Front Mount Intercooler
  • Full 3-inch exhaust
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Stage 2 tune
  • High flow exhaust manifold
  • Underglow

Interests in the automotive community

Classic car restoration, car shows, automotive photography, basically anything and everything car related. I would love to get into drag racing in the future. Hmm….maybe build a 1957 Coronet drag car.

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