Interview with one of our Founders — Amanda Silverman

It was late one night between car meets that the idea of CarFemme came to be. My good friend, Amanda Silverman, spent the night discussing our woes of the car community and what changes we wanted to see made. But it didn’t feel like just talking about the issues was enough for any of us, and in a few short hours we had created, CarFemme, a place for female car enthusiasts of all interests and experience levels to learn and connect. Naturally, as we began to construct the website, it only seemed right that one of our founders, Amanda, was our first test subject for our interview process.

About Amanda

Hi! My name is Amanda and I am 22 years old. I currently live in Florida, where I have lived my entire life. I’ve owned two Nissan 350z’s and a 1990 Jeep Wrangler. Among all the cars I have owned, these were the most fun. When I am not at work or thinking about cars, I write rap music and hang out with friends.

Side note: when I met Amanda she had her first of the two Nissan 350z’s, and she didn’t know I existed. I have since forced my friendship upon her (obviously) and she lives with me. She says it’s not creepy but I don’t think she means it. Anyways, here we are.

What got you into cars?

I was introduced into the car scene about five years ago, but I think what really kept my interest in cars was the first time I bought one of my own. The freedom to be able to do whatever I wanted with it and personalize it became a form of self expression for me. Also, the friends I have made along the way made it all worth it!

Side note: it’s me — I’m one of the friends.

Current cars and plans for the future

Currently, I drive a 2017 Nissan Altima that I have no plans for. However, I intend to buy another 350z. Plans for that are a little far off because I have had to reprioritize my finances. For now, my Altima will get me from point A to point B without an oil leak and I’m thankful for that <3.

Interests in the automotive community

I really enjoy going to car shows and events! I have gone to Simply Clean, Clean Culture, and TougeFest multiple times. I aspire to have a car that I feel confident enough in aesthetically to put on display at one of these events, and mechanically to drive on the Dragon🐉.

Outside of the automotive community and her hard work here at CarFemme, Amanda’s interests include taking care of her bearded dragon, Drip, volunteering with the fire department, and writing and creating music. You can check out some of her music (and also see some cute videos of Drip!) on her TikTok account:


Thanks for watching Drip and I! Have a great day☺️

♬ Thank you to the 300 people – Malmucho

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