A black Ferrari Enzo front quarter panel

How Rare is the Exotic Ferrari Enzo?

When it comes to rare supercars, there is no shortage of them in South Florida. In fact, you can see some of the finest privately owned vehicles proudly on display every month at Supercar Saturday in Pembroke (the second Saturday of every month). Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, Mustangs, Vipers, Hot Rods, and fully built JDMs line up on display for visitors and car enthusiasts alike — but every now and then we get to see something truly special. Last month it was a beautiful piece of automotive history: a Ferrari Enzo. Not just any Ferrari Enzo, either, a black with red interior Enzo.

History of the Ferrari Enzo

A black Ferrari Enzo front quarter panel and wheel
Ferrari Enzo at Supercar Saturday | Savahna Schmauderer

Any supercar enthusiast and Ferrari fanatic knows that the Ferrari Enzo was named after the Italian car company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. Because of this, the car covets a certain level of prestige and value outside of its performance, styling, and low production number. In total there were only 400 of these beautiful examples produced worldwide, many of them living in private collections today as they are valued well into the millions, and if you’ve ever seen one then chances are you’ve seen them in the iconic red that Ferrari has become known for.

“Ask a child to draw a car and certainly he will draw it red.”

Enzo Ferrari

An Even More Rare Example

The red interior of a black Ferrari Enzo
The red interior of a black Ferrari Enzo parked at Supercar Saturday | Savahna Schmauderer

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On this morning, however, it wasn’t just a Ferrari Enzo that graced our presents at Supercar Saturday, but rather one of the rarest (though, not the rarest) color combinations to go into production. While the actual production numbers of the Nero Black Ferrari Enzo are up for debate depending on who you ask, the proud owner of this one claims there to be only 10, of which half were graced with the contrasting red interior. While it isn’t the rarest color of Ferrari Enzo to exist, that makes this one of five ever to exist, which is something special — even though we were excited to see the car in any color.

Want to check out my interview with this rare-specced Ferrari Enzo’s owner? Check out the July episode of Supercar Saturdays!

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