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Hot Wheels Legends Tour Takes On Miami, Florida

The Midas Monkey from Gas Monkey Garage | Nestor Films

If you’re a car enthusiast, chances are you grew up collecting Hot Wheels — some of us still do. For many of us, Hot Wheels was a small part of our introduction into the world of car collecting, and it seems there was always a die-cast car that fit the tastes of any type of junior car enthusiast. For those of us who grew up and continued our passion in way of building, modifying, and customizing cars, we now have the opportunity to inspire the next generation of car enthusiasts in the most exciting way possible: having your car memorialized into a true Hot Wheels diecast car.

Legends Among Legends

Interviewing Tavarish at the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in Miami | Nestor Films

The Hot Wheels Legends Tour is judged by some legends in the automotive industry, and this year was no different. YouTuber fans of the automotive build channel Tavarish could catch Freddy Hernandez’s iconic CarTrek Aston Martin on display, and, if you were paying attention, you could see him both in the judged booth and meandering around the show floor judging cars. Along with Freddy were some local icons, such as Elo, owner of Supercar Rooms Miami, and Floyd, of Supercar Saturday and Exotics on Las Olas — both of whom host some of the most amazing supercar shows and events in South Florida.

Criteria For Judging

A quick glimpse of the garage-built Formula 1 replica car at the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in Miami | Nestor Films

While it may seem obvious, the judges here aren’t looking for just any old impressive vehicle — after all, they could just go to manufacturers if they wanted to build a diecast replica of a factory car. Instead, the cars for the Hot Wheels Legends Tour are based on criteria that would make most garage-builders and enthusiasts gitty:

  • Authenticity: Does the vehicle look like it’s a full-sized Hot Wheels Car? Could it authentically fit in with the Hot Wheels brand?
  • Originality: Does the vehicle stand out from the crowd? AKA how outrageous, cool, and unique is this build compared to any other Hot Wheels diecast that’s ever been made?
  • Garage Spirit: Simple — built, not bought.

Of course, if you speak to the judges there is one downside to some of the amazing cars at the show — they also have to translate well into becoming a diecast car. While cars with intricate details and designs look cool at full scale, these finer details can sometimes get lost in translation.

Check out the some of the amazing cars from the Miami stop of the tour, hear from some of the builders themselves, and see what the judges have to say:

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