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Florida Man Car Collection Up For Auction

It isn’t often that you hear the phrase “Florida Man” said in a good light — especially when it comes to anything relating to a car. This, however, isn’t one of those kinds of stories. In fact, this is a relatively wholesome story of a long-lost car collector and his vehicles which will soon be available for purchase should you not be in the market for the many wrecked collector cars and supercars provided by the recent hurricanes over Florida.

Discovering the Collection

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According to Fox News, the collection once belonged to one Leroy Gonzalez of Tampa, Florida. Following his service in the US Navy, Mr. Gonzalez began a local tire shop and, after several years of success, expanded his business to include a total of eight stores in the Tampa Bay area. This was not, however, Mr. Gonzales’s first toe into the automotive market. Several years prior to opening his tire shop he had owned and operated the now defunct Twin City Dragway and even hosted a well-attended car show, the World of Wheels.

Florida Man’s Wild Collection of Cars

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After his passing in January of 2022, his son, Robert, had discovered more than the initial collection of 27 vehicles they believed him to have.

“Once he owned it, he put it away and that was it” his son Robert reported.

A number of vehicles were found completely abandoned across Mr. Gonzalez’s seven properties, making for an absolute treasure trove for barn find car enthusiasts, including an authentic 1963 Chevrolet Split-Window Corvette.

Heading to the Auction

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The cars were found in a variety of states, some in relatively mint condition with maintained paint and mechanics, while others were left to decay in barns for several decades. According to the auction house, several cars are headed to the block in the nearby future.

The cars will be available at auction December 3rd, 2022 through Harris Auctions in Gonzalez’s hometown of Seffner, Florida.

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