Female Automotive Icons You Might Not Know (But Should Definitely Follow) Pt. 1

If you do a quick search online and try to find women in the automotive space that have valuable online presence chances are you’ll find the less relatable, run-of-the-mill options like Supercar Blondie and Emelia Hartford. However, there are hundreds of other women in the automotive space that have genuine online followings that I’d rate most likely to be my new best friend. If you’re looking for more relatable, smaller accounts run by knowledgeable and friendly women, check out the list below….part 1.

Automotive Alex

Alex is a Phoenix-based photographer with an incredible eye for jaw-dropping shots and has worked with some pretty insane cars and names in the automotive industry. More than that, she’s incredibly genuine and an all-around sweetheart. You can also book her for shoots of your car!

Colleen Sheehan

Colleen is the cool cat that runs Ferraris Online and her knowledge of Ferraris absolutely blows my mind. If you’re looking to adopt the potentially-expensive hobby that is Ferrari collecting or just love the history-rich brand as well as other iconic classics and supercars, and want to learn from someone incredibly knowledgeable and well spoken give her channel, Ferraris Online, a quick subscribe!

Kayla Delehant

I first met Kayla at SEMA 2022 and she immediately became one of my favorite women in motorsports. Not only does she drive like a complete banshee she is a real girl’s girl. I love Kayla and you probably will too…give her a quick follow and see what I mean!

Morgan Evans

Morgan is my home-town hottie that has one of the most insane builds in my local car seen. She can tear down and rebuild an engine faster than almost anyone I know and she’ll teach you how to also because she’s a sweetheart.

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