Elo's 50th Birthday

Celebrating a Collector Car Legend — Elo’s 50th Birthday

If you’re a part of the South Florida car culture, chances are you’ve run into a private collector named Elo — or you’ve at least seen some of his incredible cars around town. He’s well known internationally for his prestige in the modeling world, and he’s locally renowned for his incredible presence and taste in all things automotive.

Miami Supercar Rooms

In the heart of the Miami Art District, you’ll find an incredibly unique dining experience — Miami Supercar Rooms. This is the location for some of the most exclusive supercar experiences in the area, including a monthly private dinner event in which diners can enjoy a night sharing a table with some of the best collector cars on the market. Besides that, you’ll find some pieces of automotive art and history that can excite the senses of any automotive enthusiast.

Elo’s 50th Birthday

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Elo is known for hosting incredible events, and his 50th birthday may have topped them all. Held at Miami Supercar Rooms, guests could enjoy a small taste of Elo’s private collection. With one booth for every decade of his life featuring an iconic vehicle and era-specific decorations, the night was already incredible, but there was something even more special about the event itself.

As the night spun on, there was dancing and drinks, but also an incredible timeline of Elo’s life, career, and stories of many of the guests in attendance and their relationship to Elo, including some owners of privately owned vehicles like Brian Stormer’s Ford GT, and special guests from around the world.

A Collector Car for Ever Decade

In each individual decade booth, there was a car to represent each decade. Some of my personal favorites included the 70s booth, featuring the De Tomasso Pantera, as always, Brian’s Ford GT, and on display front and center, Elo’s personal and completely custom hot rod, his heavily modified Lamborghini Espada, completely lowered and open for display in what could potentially be the best custom rendition of this car to touch Miami pavement.

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