CarFemme — The Story of Our Automotive Community

CarFemme — The Story of Our Automotive Community

Hello — and welcome to CarFemme! Whether you’ve been a part of the crew for a wild or you’re new here allow me the chance to express to you my life’s passion project.

How did CarFemme get its name?

Sharing my CarFemme expertise at Supercar Saturday with ManTFUp Garage

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The CarFemme name is rather simple and plays off of the more common phrase “car girl.” To me and so many others, the phrase ‘car girl’ carries with it so many negative connotations. So in a spin-off, we chose the name CarFemme, quite a variation of CarFemme. That’s it, that’s the story.

How did CarFemme come to be?

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The conversation started rather over a few glasses of wine. I would have been more involved in the car community at a younger age if there had been exposure to women mentors. In fact, I would have entered the industry at a younger age as well. This would have saved me years of chasing the wrong dreams and degrees.

Straight of high school, I had a passion for cars but no connection to the automotive industry. Sure, I had taken some automotive technology classes in high school. It seemed like I would spend my life climbing a sexist pyramid of employment and struggling. That luckily wasn’t the case. Since entering the automotive industry I have experienced such enthusiasm and positivity. There were a handful of negative comments along the way, but much less often than I could have ever imagined.

In the automotive industry alone, there were already so many communities of women. They varied in age, experience, and interest levels. So CarFemme felt natural to me. How do I bring together all these women and younger girls interested in cars?

There was always one quote that stuck out in my head, and for me. CarFemme is my embodiment of that quote:

Be the person you needed when you were younger.”

Ayesha Siddiqi

Become a Part of Our Automotive Community

So I give you, my passion project: CarFemme. Thank you so much for being a part of our community.

CarFemme is a women-inclusive community rather than a men-exclusive community. All of our events and channels aim to bring together a community of women and men rather than to deepen the divide.

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My goal is to share more content highlighting women in the hobby, sport and industry! If you’re interested in having me share and promote your content or page please send me a DM and I’d be happy to subscribe, follow, and share!

CarFemme — The Story of Our Automotive Community

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