Carfemme, Steve Aoki with the BMW iX1 | BMW

BMW and Tomorrowland: BMW iX1 x Steve Aoki

Since 2019, BMW has been working on expanding a platform most people may not be aware of their presence in the music scene. You may wonder what exactly a brand like BMW has to do with anything music related, especially when it comes to one of the world’s most prestigious festivals of the year, Tomorrowland, and the answer may surprise you.

BMW Brand Meets Community

Steve Aoki in the new BMW iX1 | BMW
Steve Aoki sits in front of the BMW iX1 at the “Magical Forest of Joy” | BMW

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One of the car industry’s most significant and most underrated factors, for those who aren’t in it, is the community surrounding cars. In fact, according to BMW , music may be one of the most essential pillars in the marketing plans of BMW on a global scale. So, it only makes sense that they’d go big or go home, partnering with one of the best events for music fans everywhere.

“Music inspires, shapes memories, and encourages people to come together. It speaks one global, emotional language. As a relationship brand with ‘joy’ at its core, Tomorrowland is a perfect match for us as a brand engagement.”

— Stefan Ponikva, Head of Brand Communication and Experience

Activation Campaign in the Brussels Airport

Steve Aoki in the new BMW iX1 | BMW
A model stands next to Steve Aoki in the Magical Forest of Joy display | BMW

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The collaboration was set to debut with an art exhibit displaying a completely custom BMW iX1 in the Brussels Airport. The art installation named the “Magical Forest of Joy” began in June, matched with a call-to-action campaign via the Tomorrowland networking, expanding its reach to upwards of 15 million followers.

The wrap design you see on the car was co-created by music icon and artist, Steve Aoki. The BMW iX1, the first all-electric X1 from the brand, will be in display with this custom artistic wrap all three weekends of the music fest among its display of plants and flowers during all three weekends of the festival.

The design itself is more than just an art installation, it carries with it, in words, the wishes and aspiration of festival fans and attendees, a personal message of joy that can spread all across the world using the hashtag #UNITEDINJOY.

The BMW iX3 Debut

Steve Aoki in the new BMW iX1 | BMW
Steve Aoki in the new BMW iX1 | BMW

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The BMW X1 is the entry-level SUV in the brand’s lineup, but it is far from underwhelming. The iX1, with the “i” naming scheme, indicates that this is the brand’s all-electric model — which is just as intriguing to some as it is concerning to others.

While the brand will still offer the X1 with two gasoline engine options and even two diesel engine options, the iX1 is the first all-wheel drive premium electric compact SAV, promising to combine the power and performance you’d expect from the brand along with all of the luxuries and amenities. Now, the only changes is the chance to own it as a fully-electric vehicle, competing again other, more popular electric SUV brands such as Tesla, but from a brand consumers have known and used for much longer.

It only appears fitting that an all-electric car, a car of tomorrow, debuts at a festival with the future in mind like Tomorrowland, and this collaboration is sure to entice a younger generation of buyers and automotive consumers.

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