A white1961 Mercedes-Benz 190Sl Roadster

Barrett-Jackson 2022 Las Vegas Auction

Wrapping up another fantastic auction with Barrett-Jackson was a thrilling week of supercars, charity cars, and some of the most exquisite collector cars on the market today.

Auction Day 1 + Driven Project

A white Lamborghini Huracan crossing the block at the 2022 Las Vegas Auction for Driven Project
Driven Project Lamborghini at Barrett-Jackson | Gabrielle R Schmauderer

Day one started off with something a bit different crossing the block — a lineup of supercars. McLarens, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and even a wide-body GTR from Driven Project lined up to support an amazing cause: supercar therapy to create unforgettable memories and experiences for children facing exceedingly difficult life challenges and rare illnesses. After a stroll across the block and a chance to take center stage in the World’s Biggest Collector Car Auction, the cars and their VIP (Very Important Passengers) made a 7-mile loop around the Las Vegas strip before returning to the auction floor.

This kick-off created incredible energy that overtook the remainder of the day, with a mixture of automobilia, mini bikes, and collector cars rolling across this iconic auction block. Perhaps the only thing more exciting about the auction was the energy and attention in the room as bidders, consigners, and guests were able to see each car up close and personally around the show floor.

Auction Day 2 + Things To Do

A Tesl in a colorful section of tunnel in the Vegas Loop at the Las Vegas Convention Center
LVCC Central Station, the Vegas Loop was open for attendees to quickly travel between Resorts World and the Barrett-Jackson Auction | Gabrielle R Schmauderer

Day 2 wasn’t about to let us down, either, and exhilarating thrill rides from Toyota with professional drivers whipping willing participants around a drift track. Dodge didn’t back down from the challenge and shared this quick and neck-breaking drift lot with their Challenger and Charger Hellcats. The best part is, that participation in all thrill rides was free and unlimited.

Speaking of free, you could also check out the Vegas Loop Boring Tunnel by Tesla. This wild underground tunnel isn’t just an efficient, cool, and time-saving method to get around the convention center and to Resorts World, it’s also just a fun thing to try (and I did, probably about a dozen times).

Auction Day 3 + Heading Home

A dark red 1924 Ford T-Bucket Roadster sold at the 2022 Las Vegas Auction
1924 Ford T-Bucket Roadster sold at the 2022 Las Vegas Auction | Gabrielle R Schmauderer

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By day three, the debatably most exciting day of them all, coined “Supercar Saturday” I was completely exhausted, and even though I had been at the event for days there were still somehow more cars worth stopping and oggling. My personal favorite of the auction wasn’t a particularly record-breaking sale, but rather a quirky little vehicle called the BMW Isetta — a two-seat, three-wheel BMW that is so small it could have very well likely fit into the beds of some of the heavily modified trucks it shared the floor with.

The 2022 Las Vegas Auction featured amazing cars, but perhaps the only thing that could possibly be better is the car community of the area who rallied in attendance to find their favorite vehicles across the floor. Families of car enthusiasts, children and parents alike, hurried to the show floor with giddy joy and excitement that makes every minute of lost sleep worth the high energy and heavily draining days of the auction.

Next stop: Barrett-Jackson Houston!

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